Market-leading lone worker protection service 

We ensure the safety of lone workers through the provision of emergency SOS button functionality – either via a smartphone app or dedicated personal safety device. Each solution transmits real time audio and data links to our high-tech Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The Incident Managers in the ARC are supported by bespoke pod technology that integrates with the Peoplesafe Portal and each of our end-user solutions to serve them with all the information they need when an alarm is raised.

Our entire end-to-end service is solely dedicated to at-risk and lone workers; we’ve perfected handling these alarms over our long history as the market leader.

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What happens when you raise the alarm?

Once you press the SOS Alarm on your device, the team in our ARC are presented with all the information on your profile within the Peoplesafe Portal, including personal details, any voice memo recordings and location via GPS tracking.

Using the device’s two-way audio, Incident Managers listen to what is happening and, if safe to do so, will talk to the user to advise and reassure them on actions we are taking to provide help. Based on a dynamic risk assessment of the situation, the Incident Manager will follow the predefined escalation instructions.

As required, the Incident Manager handling the alarm will use the built-in GPS tracking capabilities to communicate the user’s position to the emergency services and escalation contacts. 

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Providing the fastest response

We enjoy close working relationships with police forces across the UK, many of whom are also our customers.

Due to our compliance with BS 8484:2016, we hold a full list of Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) for all UK police forces.

This gives us direct access to police control rooms without the need for a 999 call which can save vital minutes.

In addition, thanks to our integrated technology systems, the Incident Managers will already have all the information including any special circumstances such as existing medical conditions.

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End-to-end lone worker service provider

We have zero dependencies on third parties and own all end-to-end elements of our service offering; therefore, all software updates, as well as product and service improvements, are implemented quickly and without disruption using our in-house resources.  

Having our own Engineers, Software Developers, Incident Managers and Customer Services all under one roof improves the communication time between our service elements.

This unique positioning gives us the flexibility to develop bespoke solutions and customise any element of the service for customers with specific requirements.

All these things lead to a quicker, more reliable response and unrivalled expertise; ultimately getting the right help to our customers and faster, when they need it most.

Peoplesafe alarm receiving centre

Elements of the service owned by Peoplesafe

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If you think that our service will help to provide backup to your employees, you should speak to a member of our team. We offer a consultative approach where we listen to your challenges and risks before recommending the best solution to meet your needs

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