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Administrative power and high-value reporting

Our web-based portal provides instant access to key functionality to manage the service. You can assign authorised individuals with varying levels of access aligned to their role and seniority.

Information relating to your users and their allocated devices – including key personal information, or the pre-agreed escalation process – can be updated in real time.

The portal is backed up by our expert Support Team, who are there to answer any technical queries related to devices, the overall system, or the portal itself. Training and guidance material related to the service is also available to download directly from the portal.


The secure interface allows administrators or end users to create and update their account details. Each worker’s individual profile can be created and amended to include a wealth of personal information such as appearance, medical conditions, contact details, and escalation instructions.

As a client, you can input your own emergency procedures that are tailored to your organisation or specific department. You can even personalise it to each employee depending on the circumstances.

The system also allows organisations to detail their own duress codes – a code word or phrase that a user can say to notify the Alarm Controller of a certain type of emergency, without alerting an aggressor.


The portal incorporates a useful, graphical dashboard providing management information and useful statistical data. The dashboard also reviews the last 24 hours, which helps those managing health and safety to monitor the welfare of their people at a glance.

As standard, you will be provided with access to a full suite of activity reports that are fully customisable by date range, Account, User, and alarm type.

Select, export and even schedule a wide variety of predefined reports, such as non-usage or SOS Alarms, to be delivered direct to your email inbox for further analysis.

Over time, each client’s portal becomes a repository of valuable statistical data that can help managers to improve performance and rethink key processes.

Pooling or sharing devices

Your personal safety alarms don’t have to be exclusively used by one member of staff. The portal allows devices to be ‘pooled’ or shared between multiple users through individual user profiles.

Having the flexibility to reallocate devices to staff in real-time can prove invaluable, particularly for organisations that employ shift workers. In addition, being able to share devices enables you to reduce subscription costs.

Devices can be shared amongst teams easily using one of two methods. You can either set individual profiles up for staff members and link a device to them via the portal; or you can name a device as a shared unit (e.g. Shared Device 1) and when a member of staff wants to use the device, they leave a voice message stating they are using it. Therefore, if an alarm is raised on this device, the Alarm Controller will listen to the recording and know which user has the device.

“We have a couple of pooled (shared) devices for late workers. Someone can come along and ask ‘have you got a spare device because I’m working late tonight?’ It’s a good option to have. All I have to do is drag and drop the shared device onto the user in the Portal and they’re instantly covered – it’s that easy.”
Barbara Tomlin, Peabody
“We were impressed with the quick response from when our IES workers hit the SOS button to the ARC responding; how solution focused and helpful our Peoplesafe Account manager has been in meeting our needs; the cost-effectiveness of the devices; how easy the online secure portal is to operate and run reports and finally, the support received from customer support.”
Nicky Hodkin-Brown. Cheshire West and Chester Council
“Peoplesafe’s service stuck out to us as a market leader in terms of what they offer. We were drawn to the devices GPS tracking, automatic fall detection, and the ability to create reports on the user-friendly online portal. The Peoplesafe team were also great at training our staff at using the devices.”
Grant Bell, Jet Aire Services
“An ability to report on our health and safety provision is something that’s really important, and the portal tells me everything I need to know at the click of a button. By working closely with Peoplesafe we have developed an effective approach to high risk lone working, and I know we are now providing better protection for our employees, along with operating more efficiently too.”
Afifa Khojbaria, SHE Advisor, Capita LPS
“Should our operative be unable to press the SOS button manually, the fall detection sensor within the device will activate the alarm and Peoplesafe will be immediately alerted to a potential problem.”
Shaun Campbell, Clear-flow

Tracking and locating

Using satellite and street maps as well as GPS technology to track locations, dates and times of alarms, administrators can gain visual representations of user activity.

Our services also integrate with What3Words, pinpointing a user’s location within 3m² – a solution now used by a multitude of the emergency services. This level of detail is crucial in the event of an alarm being raised, particularly in large rural areas.

All information is updated in real-time and can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer. Administrators can even choose the frequency of which the GPS position of the user is recorded and stored for reporting purposes.

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