Protecting Retail Staff

Retail workers are commonly exposed to risks as part of their job description. They may be required to open and close the store; handle cash; deal with potentially aggressive or confrontational customers; confront shoplifters; make deliveries (to store or direct to customers) and support warehouse and distribution operations.

With Peoplesafe your staff can have the highest level of protection available, without the cost of dedicated security personnel.

There are 3 million retail workers in the UK. 89% of these workers have experienced abuse, equating to around 455 incidents every day.

Employers must do more to protect employees.

Peoplesafe has been protecting people and offering life-saving support for over 27 years, delivering solutions for your employees needs, no matter the risk. With the ability to raise an alarm anywhere, anytime, on our devices and apps.

Whether opening or closing the store during unsociable hours or completing cash runs.

Our body-worn cameras are proven to reduce incidents of assault by 47% and provide vital evidence capture that can be admissible in court to aid convictions.

In the event of an alarm our Controllers will triage the call, only passing genuine incidents onto the emergency services via our own URN’s, guaranteeing the fastest response possible. And our 1000+ strong National Response Teams can respond in non-emergency situations.

Our Alarm Controllers stay in contact with users until they are certain help has arrived.

With Peoplesafe your staff will have the highest level of protection available, without the cost of dedicated security personnel.

So why not put your employees safety in our hands? we already protect over 170,000 employees every day across the UK.

There’s never been a better time to protect your employees. With Peoplesafe you’re spoiled for choice.

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