Personal Safety Public Interviews

Employees in a range of sectors are concerned for their safety, both while working and while commuting. In this video, members of the public are interviewed about their concerns regarding safety in various situations.

I think that there’s a lot of situations where people are at risk because there’s a lot of people out there that are either troubled or just out to cause trouble and having something that you can press and instantly get help, I think that’s a good idea yeah.

Her employer didn’t want to get I don’t know security cameras and stuff like that so she felt super unsafe every night and eventually she quit, because she yeah felt threatened.

My daughter-in-law’s kind of have tactics for when they’re walking alone, like you know they’ll pretend to be talking to me on the mobile phone or something like that so that they appear to be kind of in contact with somebody. So I think you know personal alarm systems are a good idea.

We did have and it was a young girl I think she was 22/23 and she was left alone with a client that came in and they were awkward and weird and made her feel very uncomfortable, so I think all she did was that she sent a message to her line manager who then came in and tried to sort out the situation. The guy that came in was just really really strange and making her uncomfortable, so I think if yeah if she’d have had something that she could have just pressed and then we’d instantly know that it was an issue I think that’s a good thing yeah.

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