Peoplesafe & SureCam Integration

Learn how personal safety experts Peoplesafe have partnered with network-connected dashcam specialists SureCam to provide an integrated solution to protect drivers inside and outside their vehicles.

Peoplesafe and SureCam, protecting your staff in and out of vehicles.

Lone working comes in many forms across a wide range of sectors.

The Peoplesafe app provides real-time protection for your staff when needed, to give them the reassurance they need to feel safe.

The app protects your staff in the event of slips, trips and falls when conducting the checks in and around the vehicle.

To start the linking process simply open the Peoplesafe application and select the SureCam tile
and scan the QR code on the SureCam camera, or simply enter the vehicle’s registration plate and link the vehicle to your profile.

Once the vehicle is identified, option 1 lets you permanently link the device until manually de-linked, or option 2 links the device for a set time. Once that period expires your profile will be automatically de-linked from the vehicle.

On the road as soon as an accident is detected the dash camera will record the incident and an alarm is raised to the Peoplesafe ARC and an emergency call is automatically created.

When our ark receives an alarm from a vehicle we will know who they are who they work for and any critical information about them. We will know where they were when the incident happened and we will have access to the footage
of the incident.

Our ARC Controllers can assess the incident and quickly gather vital details to ensure your staff get the best response possible. Whether this is simply confirming they are safe and well or directing emergency assistance to their location using our unique reference number to
ensure the quickest response time in life-threatening situations.

All of the information captured before, during and after the incident is stored securely in the cloud, making it easy to access in the event the information is needed for evidential purposes. And don’t worry if your staff are overrunning and they need to stay linked to the vehicle for a little longer than planned, we’ll send them a link.

Peoplesafe, putting people at the heart of safety.

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