The Many Dangers of Working Within Farms

The agriculture sector has always had a high number of workplace injuries. In fact, the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that there were 33 fatalities within the farming industry in 2017/18.

This year, the number of deaths after being injured by an animal topped the list as the biggest cause of fatality within farms, closely followed by deaths due to being struck by a moving vehicle and killed when trapped by something collapsing.

In most cases, farmers often find themselves working alone in their farms which makes it difficult for them to call for help in an emergency. National safety campaigns such as Farm Safety Week, Think SAFE and #SeeItChangeIt all play a vital role in raising awareness of the dangers to farm workers.

Based on the fatality statistics mentioned above, we have created an infographic to highlight the 5 top tips to help prevent accidents at farms.

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