Safety in the Waste and Recycling Industry

The waste and recycling industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK.

Between 2011 to 2016, the Telegraph reported that there were 33 deaths within this industry.  Here are some statistics on the waste and recycling industry, including some of the most common causes of injuries that occur:

With the above in mind, here are a few safety tips to remember to avoid such injuries:

Remember your training.

Before working within this industry (or any industry) you should receive appropriate training. This should have been the result of a risk assessment carried out by the company. If not then ask for a refresher course to ensure your health and safety knowledge is current and up-to-date.

Use your personal protective equipment (PPE).

It’s been given to you for a reason and should be worn at all times. Ensure that if you are working in a dusty area, you have well-fitting respiratory equipment. If you are manual handling, ensure you are wearing protective gloves and footwear.

Lift and handle objects correctly.

Make sure to follow the lifting and handling guidelines to avoid injury and possibly developing musculoskeletal disorder. Before attempting to lift a large object, consider using equipment better suited to the task. Alternatively, ask for assistance.

Be mindful of vehicles.

Working in the waste and recycling industry includes working around large vehicles. If you are a waste collector then be mindful of the collection lorry. Make sure to be a safe distance from the lorry and ensure the driver can see you when in operation.

Carry a personal safety device.

As well as having the correct PPE it is important to also carry a personal safety device. This ensures that you will be able to easily get help if an accident were to happen.

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