Mobile Lone Workers: Profile, Hazards and Solutions

lorry driver

Selecting the most appropriate device for your lone workers, based on role and risk, is essential.

In this article, we specifically look at mobile lone workers and the unique risks they face.

Mobile lone worker examples

Mobile lone workers are those who do not work in a fixed location and could, therefore, be at risk from various elements including the public, their environment and the tasks they are performing. Some mobile workers have a high risk from the general public, some have a higher environmental risk. Here are a few examples of mobile lone workers:

• HGV drivers
• Couriers
• Taxi drivers
• Inspectors
• Surveyors
• Contract cleaners
• Security personnel
• Park rangers

Your business may have more than one type of lone worker, you may even have employees who fall in between the categories. This is why individual risk assessments are important; in order to clearly understand what the risks are to that particular type of role.

Understanding your workforce and recognising the risks to their personal safety is vital to complying with health and safety legislation and showing your duty of care. A risk assessment will identify your lone workers’ risks in the three categories:

  • People – Who are your staff likely to come into contact with?
  • Environment – Where are they working?
  • Tasks – What are they doing?

Risks for mobile lone workers

Verbal Abuse

Some mobile lone workers may face the public every day with little background information on the people they are meeting, which can lead to being placed in challenging situations. Verbal abuse in these types of situations can be a daily occurrence.


Mobile Workers can be placed in challenging and high-risk environments such as building sites, farms, factories and tenants homes with little or no supervision. There is also a risk from vehicle-related incidents.

Slips, Trips or Falls

For those mobile workers whose duties involve working with heights, they could be exposed to accidents including slips, trips or falls.

Illness or Accident

There is every chance that a mobile worker could become ill during their working day or have an accident and be unable to summon assistance.