Travel safe. Wherever, whenever.

Keep your people safe when they travel

Protect your employees with our specialised service, whether they’re travelling for business, commuting or meeting friends after work. We can get emergency help faster than calling 999.

We know that 60% of people feel unsafe commuting on public transport during unsociable hours*. Give your staff Travelsafe to protect them round-the-clock.

*Overcoming the Employee Safety Gap

Get staff safely from A to B

Employees enter their start point, destination and how they’re travelling – just like a regular travel app.

Travelsafe calculates how long the journey should take and generates an estimated arrival time alongside a timed alarm. If your employee hasn’t reached their destination by the ETA, the alarm is activated.

Alarms are answered in under 6 seconds (on average) and handled by expertly trained controllers in the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Steven sets his Travelsafe for his cycle to work which is estimated to take 30 minutes.
Steven is approached by a verbally abusive man who attempts to get him off the bike.
Steven is able to get away from the man, but is flustered and takes a breather on a nearby bench.
Steven has not reached his destination.

The Travelsafe timer has expired and sends a push notification asking Steven to confirm he is ok.
Steven did not answer the first prompt.

An automated call is generated for Steven to confirm his welfare.
Steven did not answer the second prompt.

An alarm is raised to the Peoplesafe ARC.
The Peoplesafe Alarm Controller receives Steven’s alarm alongside his Travelsafe journey details and last known GPS location.

Steven answers the call and confirms his welfare but explains the incident.
The Alarm Controller asks if Steven would like them to call his manager to inform them of the situation.

Steven’s manager answers and says they will speak to Steven directly.
Steven confirms he is safe and is happy for the alarm to be closed down.

The Alarm Controller closes the alarm.

Reassuring check-ins

To help your people feel even safer, automated check-ins can be scheduled at set points during their journey (e.g. every 15 minutes).

The app will send regular notifications, or ‘welfare checks’ asking the staff member to confirm if they’re okay.

  • If they respond ‘no’ to a welfare check, an SOS alarm will automatically be raised to the Peoplesafe ARC.
  • If they don’t respond at all, the app will send further prompts and calls. If these go unanswered, an SOS alarm call is sent to the ARC who will start the escalation process to get help.

Faster help in an emergency

Staff can save important information about their journey in real time. If an alarm is raised, ARC Controllers can use these notes to make quick decisions about what help is needed.

Important information could be the:

  • registration number of the taxi
  • planned route
  • names of travel companions

Safer travels

When your employee arrives at their destination safely, the timed alarm will be cancelled automatically.

If their journey is taking a bit longer than expected, the Travelsafe app sends them a prompt to extend the timer (if safe to do so).

Emergency help – fast

If the ETA expires and your employee hasn’t arrived at their destination or responded to prompts and calls, an SOS alarm will automatically be raised. The Peoplesafe ARC will respond to the alarm and get help directly to your staff member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Travelsafe work?

Based on your destination and mode of travel, an automated alarm is set for your ETA. Throughout the journey, you will receive regular welfare check-ins to make sure you’re safe. If, at any point, the response is ‘no,’ or if you fail to respond to welfare checks and subsequent prompts or follow-up calls, an SOS alarm is immediately raised to Peoplesafe’s control centre.

If you fail to reach your destination, or don’t respond to automated check-ins, the control centre will contact you to make sure you’re safe.

Once you arrive safely at your destination, the app uses your location to automatically close the timer, so that you don’t have to remember to cancel it.

No, Travelsafe is an optional extra on the Peoplesafe app. There is an additional subscription charge to use this professional service.

Travelsafe uses the phone’s built-in location services to determine the journey start point and the person’s location throughout – just like a regular travel app.

10 minutes prior to the ETA, Travelsafe will recalculate the arrival time and automatically extend the timer if necessary (e.g. due to heavier traffic conditions).

When the person gets within a 10 metre radius of their destination, the timer will automatically cancel.

Yes, Travelsafe is available on iOS and Android.

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