Peoplesafe Achieves Achilles UVDB Silver Plus Status 

Posted: 23 May, 2024.

We’re proud to announce that Peoplesafe has been awarded Achilles UVDB Silver Plus status. This pre-qualification demonstrates our dedication to the highest standards in health, safety, quality and environment (HSQE).  

What is Achilles UVDB Silver Plus? 

The Achilles UVDB, or Utilities Vendor Database is a hub for the utilities industry to see pre-qualified suppliers who have been vetted for their health & safety practices, environmental impact, and quality management systems. This allows buyers to easily manage risk within their supply chain and comply with EU regulations. 

The independent verification ensures that customers can be confident that Peoplesafe adheres to safety regulations, minimises environmental impact, and delivers high-quality products and services, exceeding industry standards.  

What Does This Mean for Customers? 

Using a pre-qualified supplier streamlines the procurement process for customers, providing several key benefits: 

  • Reduced Risk: By undergoing independent audits of our HSQE practices, Peoplesafe minimises potential risks for our customers. You can be confident that we prioritise safety regulations and environmental responsibility while delivering an industry-leading service.  
  • Efficient Procurement Process: Saves valuable time and resources during the procurement process. You can focus on evaluating proposals based on project-specific needs and select the supplier that best fits your requirements. 
  • Sustainable Practices: Achilles approval demonstrates Peoplesafe’s commitment to ensuring that our activity is environmentally sustainable across all areas of our operations. 

What’s Next? 

Peoplesafe remains focused on maintaining high standards and continuously improving our health, safety, quality and environmental practices. We continuously monitor and evaluate our HSQE practices to identify areas for improvement ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry best practices. 

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