Dignity Partners With Peoplesafe

Posted: 16 Jan, 2024.

Dignity, one of the UK’s leading providers of funeral services, has added the Peoplesafe personal safety service to its benefits package for all employees.

As a people-focused business, Dignity wanted to improve the care and wellbeing of its operational colleagues who sometimes work alone or travel to meet with bereaved families in their homes.  However, the firm didn’t stop there and decided to extend this same level of care and support to all staff, at any time.  It also became clear that offering additional benefits like this could enhance Dignity’s position when recruiting.

A supply of the MySOS fobs have now been shared between teams working in funeral homes, care centres, crematoria and Dignity’s coffin manufacturing facility in Yorkshire.  In addition, all colleagues business-wide have been invited to install the Peoplesafe App on either a company or personal mobile device, affording everyone 24/7 protection and support from a professional Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) at the touch of a button.

Unlike free personal safety apps, this solution is monitored by trained call handlers, not family and friends, who can summon emergency help faster than 999.

“From the outset, Peoplesafe worked with us on a consultative basis to understand our needs and priorities. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our colleagues and want to ensure we’re maintaining safe working environments for them where everyone feels valued. We decided to offer the Peoplesafe service across all roles, not just those working alone or in areas with a clear element of risk. Our goal is to support each other and provide an employee benefit that protects staff while at work and travelling. Giving them access to Peoplesafe means they have the peace of mind that they are supported with a professional service should anything unexpected happen,” says Steve Low, Regional Health & Safety Officer at Dignity.

“We’ve been working collaboratively with Dignity and are delighted that the company is experiencing an improved level of safety and employee protection, thanks to our personal safety service. Our solution doesn’t stop when someone finishes work and it’s fantastic that Dignity’s employee protection project extends to everyone in the business and is not restricted to working hours,” says Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe.

For more information about how you can provide all employees with a personal protection service like Dignity, please contact us.

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