keeping drivers safe with surecam

SureCam deliver real-time video and software solutions enabling fleets to run safer and more profitably. Founded in 2014, SureCam launched the UK’s first network-connected dash camera, evolving the way video was stored and shared by instantly transmitting it to the cloud.

Now used by thousands of fleets around the world, the technology serves to protect employees, improve fleet safety and reduce claims costs.

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Peoplesafe and Surecam working together

The partnership between Peoplesafe and SureCam is a natural fit. Our tech-enabled services use cloud-based solutions to protect employees working without direct support from colleagues.

While the Peoplesafe smartphone application records audio, SureCam dashcams capture video footage of an incident. Each solution transmits real-time data to facilitate proactive management of emergency situations.

Typically, hauliers make significant investment towards the protection of the rolling stock with tracking devices, dashcams and driver training; where Peoplesafe come into the equation is by offering protection to the driver once they step outside the vehicle.

Smartphone with SureCam enabled Peoplesafe app

Benefits of a joint solution

Customers of Peoplesafe and SureCam will have the advantage of:

  • Complete driver protection – inside and outside of the vehicle
  • Extra evidence – audio recordings and visual footage on an incident will be captured should any matter progress to court
  • Alarm verification – the ARC will confirm the type of alert being received (e.g. SOS button, fall detection or expired timer) and handle the alarm accordingly
  • Additional information – footage from SureCam’s forward and dual-facing cameras will enable ARC controllers to see what has happened at the front, rear or inside of the vehicle so they can better inform the response service
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How does it work?

Customers signed up to the joint Peoplesafe and SureCam service will have an additional tile on their Peoplesafe smartphone app that integrates with the chosen SureCam dashcam.

Within the app, users will be able to scan a QR code from the dashcam or manually enter the vehicle’s registration plate to pair the services either permanently or for a set time. This will create a link between the driver and the vehicle, making them easily identifiable in the event of an incident.

SureCam’s video telematics platform will now be able to report by driver which is particularly useful for companies that operate a pool of vehicles that aren’t designated to a particular employee.

When an alarm is raised, ARC Controllers will have a view of two pages: one will be the app user’s details from their profile on the Peoplesafe Portal; the other is a GPS view showing where the app and dashcam are located on a map, plus dashcam footage leading up to the incident.

Experience the solution for yourself

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