User Stories: Theft

Robbed at Gunpoint

A betting shop cashier was working a night shift when they were robbed at gunpoint. A male had entered the shop with a gun and had threatened the cashier in exchange for money. The user complied with the robber's demands, handing over the money and shortly after, the robber left.

As soon as the aggressor left, the cashier called the police and activated an SOS alarm to Peoplesafe as an additional layer of backup. The Alarm Controller handling the call could hear that the user was already on the phone with the police, so contacted the company’s security team to visually monitor the situation via CCTV while the controller continued monitoring the audio.

After speaking to the user, the controller followed the user’s escalation procedure and informed his manager of the situation. The controller remained on the line with the user throughout the incident and only ended the call once the user confirmed that the police had arrived.

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