User Stories: Physical Abuse

Broom Attack

A user activated their alarm as they were being attacked by a customer with a broom. It was quite difficult to get the user’s attention due to the commotion in the background, however, the Controller managed to get the police on-site as soon as possible. The user thanked the Controller for her assistance and later laughed about the situation.

Aggressive Guest

A user activated their alarm when an aggressive guest attacked another customer as well as being drunk and disorderly. The user requested police assistance and the Controller wasted no time in finding out further details by calling the hotel reception and contacting the police.

Van Attack

A user activated their alarm as his van was being attacked by a customer with a garden fork. The user was already on the phone to the police and required us to monitor the situation. We spoke with the user, confirmed his welfare and that we was in a safe location. We contacted his manager and stayed on the line to monitor the situation until the police arrived.

Threat to Life

A user activated their alarm after a member of staff was attacked. The Controller obtained all relevant information and contacted the police straight away who could hear the seriousness of the incident. The user then provided the Controller with additional information that demonstrated a threat to life, so the controller used the URN. The call handler was already aware of the situation and the police arrived on the scene just one minute after ending the call.

Locked Up

A user activated their alarm to advise that they had been assaulted and locked in a meter cupboard by the resident. The user advised that she was not ok and the Controller attempted to gather further information to pass on to the police who attended the scene to free the user.


A ticket enforcement officer was being physically attacked by three members of the public and had caused him to bleed. The police were called via the URN and attended the scene within 6 minutes of the call being made, but unfortunately, the perpetrators had fled.


An NHS mental health nurse was in a GP surgery when he activated his device. The user advised that he needed the police as he had been stabbed and the perpetrator was still on scene. The Controller confirmed the user’s location and immediately used the URN to contact the police. The police and ambulance arrived on the scene within 4 minutes.

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