User Stories: Miscellaneous

Stranded in the Snow

While attending a routine service call, a utilities engineer found himself stuck in the snow with no mobile signal to call for help. Fortunately, he was carrying his Peoplesafe device equipped with a roaming SIM card, ensuring access to all major networks for reliable coverage in emergencies. The engineer activated an SOS alarm and was immediately connected to the Peoplesafe ARC, where he could explain the situation.

The ARC Controller used the engineer’s Nexus profile to identify appropriate escalation contacts and promptly contact one of the family members listed. The device accurately provided the user’s location within 5m2 via What3Words allowing the Controller to provide a precise location to the family member, enabling them to reach the scene and provide assistance.

With the ARC serving as a vital link between the engineer and their family, help was soon on the way, facilitated by the Controller who remained on the line with the user until assistance arrived, offering continuous comfort and reassurance.

Hotel Guest Threat

A hotel cleaner was working alone when she heard loud screams from a nearby room. She moved closer to the room to try and determine what the noise might be, which she then identified as a domestic incident, so she activated her SOS alarm.

Once through to an Alarm Controller, the cleaner informed them of the situation and asked that they monitor the call while she entered the room. The controller then contacted the user’s escalation contact to inform them of the situation and remained on the line with both the escalation contact and the user while the cleaner entered the room. Upon entering the room, it was confirmed that a domestic incident was taking place, so the Controller contacted the emergency services and stayed on the line with the user until the ambulance arrived.

Hotel Guest Domestic Incident

A hotel cleaner was working her normal shift when she could hear a commotion coming from down the hallway. Before getting closer to the noise, the controller raised an alarm to the Peoplesafe ARC to provide peace of mind that she was not alone. When she got closer, the cleaner realised that there was a domestic incident taking place between two guests who were staying in one of the rooms. The guests were a male and female who were shouting at each other and becoming aggressive.

The male guest made a threat that he would cause harm to himself, so the cleaner informed the ARC Controller of the situation and asked them to contact her escalation contact. The user felt safe contacting the police and ambulance herself, so the Controller stayed on the line with the user and contacted her manager to inform them of the situation. As soon as the emergency services arrived, the user confirmed that they were happy for the call to be ended and the alarm was closed down.

Estate Agent Locked In

An estate agent at a national property chain was working in a showroom home when they became stuck inside the bathroom. The estate agent had shut the bathroom door, which then became jammed, and she was not able to get the door back open. The user raised an alarm and explained the situation to the Alarm Controller, who then proceeded to follow the user’s escalation procedure. The first escalation contact didn’t answer the call, so the Controller continued to work through the process, calling the second escalation contact. On the second try, the Controller got through to the user’s manager, who was able to go and rescue the user from the showroom bathroom. Once their manager had found the user and helped get the door open, the user confirmed they were happy for the alarm to be closed down.  

Service Engineer Trapped

A service engineer activated their alarm as they had completed a home visit and were trying to vacate the premises, but the property owner had blocked the user in with a digger. The user had tried asking the owner to move the digger, but they refused. The Service Engineer had begun to feel unsafe, so they raised an SOS alarm to the Peoplesafe ARC and informed the Alarm Controller of the situation. The Controller contacted the local police force and informed them of the situation, passing over details of who the user was and where the incident was taking place. The police confirmed to the controller that they would attend the situation and so the controller passed this on to the user and then contacted the user’s manager to let them know about the incident. The Controller stayed on the line with the user until the police arrived when they then confirmed that they were with the police and no longer needed Peoplesafe assistance. 

Retail Store Intruder

A worker at a well known high street retailer was unloading goods from a vehicle into the store during a night shift when he noticed an intruder in the store. The user activated an alarm via their device and informed the Alarm Controller of the situation. While on the line with the Controller the intruder fled the scene, but the Controller stayed on the line gathering additional information about the situation. The Controller then wasted no time in contacting the police via a URN, saving valuable time and getting the fastest possible response. The Alarm Controller then remained on the line with the panicked user while calmly passing all relevant information over to the police, including a description of the intruder's appearance and the direction in which they fled.

In the meantime, another ARC team member followed the user’s escalation procedure, informing their line manager and manager of the situation. Once the police arrived, the ARC controller checked in with the user and assured them that they were safe now that the police had arrived, and so the user was comfortable for the alarm to be closed down.

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