User Stories: Miscellaneous


A member of the public activated the user’s device which was around his neck, as the user was walking on the street trying to locate his father’s house. The user suffered from dementia and the member of the public took the user home whilst the Controller called the escalation contacts to advise of the situation.

Domestic Incident

A hotel chain activated their alarm as they could hear loud screams coming from a room believed to be a domestic incident. The Controller called an escalation contact to inform them of the situation and remained in contact while the user accessed the room. The ambulance and police arrived on the scene within 30 minutes.

Domestic Incident

A user activated their alarm as there was a domestic incident taking place between a male and a female staying in one of the rooms. The user called the police and the ambulance as the male advised that he will cause harm to himself. The Controller monitored the situation until the emergency services arrived.

Locked In

A user activated their alarm as they were stuck in the bathroom of a showroom home. Although not an immediate emergency, the Controller called the user’s escalation contact who unfortunately didn’t answer. Eventually, the Controller got through to the manager and he went to rescue the user from the showroom bathroom.

Blocked In

A property owner blocked the entrance with a digger to prevent the user from leaving the premises. The Controller spoke to the police, answered all their questions and managed to get assistance to the user so that they could leave.


A user activated their alarm while he was unloading goods because there was an intruder in the store. The Controller contacted the police but the intruder left before they arrived. The Controller remained on the line and gathered additional information such as a description of his appearance and the direction he travelled which was passed on to the police attending the scene and the control room.

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