User Stories: Medical

Heart Attack

A user was sitting in his van feeling dizzy with shortness of breath. He activated his alarm and the Controller contacted the emergency ser­vices. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the Controller stayed on the line to keep the user alert; meanwhile, another team member contacted his manager. It transpires that the user was having a heart attack and could have died if he didn’t have access to our service.

Signs of Psychosis

An ambulance for a user’s patient who was experiencing signs of psychosis. Although the user was somewhat safe, she was not in a position to call the emergency services. The Controller relayed the information to the ambulance service and kept the user up to date with what was taking place. The ambulance advised that they would contact the user on her phone meaning the alarm could be closed down.

Staff Collapsed

A client called the ARC to advise that a member of staff had collapsed and required an ambulance as soon as possible. The Controller manually opened up the alarm and contacted the emergency services. Despite limited information, it was enough for the ambulance to attend the staff member in need.

Elderly Fall

An elderly user had fallen down the stairs and could not get up. It was very difficult to communicate with him as he was confused and very hard of hearing. The Controller called an ambulance, contacted the user’s family members and kept the user updated at every step, staying on the line until help arrived.

Ambulance Required

A user activated her alarm to advise that she wasn’t feeling very well and required an ambulance. The Controller asked relevant questions to ascertain what was going on and offered continuous support and reassurance to the user, even calling the ambulance for a second time to try and get an ETA.

Asthma Attack

Having recently had an asthma attack, a user raised their alarm still feeling very unwell. An escalation contact was called to make them aware of the situation. The Controller ensured the user was not alone by the time the alarm was closed down.

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