User Stories: Medical

Hit by Vehicle

While in the street, a user encountered a male who had been hit by a vehicle and was bleeding but conscious. Recognising the severity of the situation, the user activated their Peoplesafe alarm to seek emergency help.

Upon receiving the alarm, the Peoplesafe Alarm Controller immediately gathered essential details of the incident and the severity of the male's injuries, promptly contacting the emergency services to dispatch an ambulance. Throughout the call the controller maintained communication with the user, providing updates on the ambulance dispatch and the involvement of local police, who were also notified of the incident.

The ambulance arrived on the scene to attend to the injured male. Shortly after the user confirmed the presence of police at the scene and reassured the controller of their safety and wellbeing. With the incident resolved and all necessary details confirmed, the alarm was closed.

Injured While Working Alone

While working alone, a charity worker experienced a fall, resulting in an injured wrist and a nosebleed. Unable to get up and walk, she activated her Peoplesafe alarm to request assistance.

When the alarm came through, the Peoplesafe Alarm Controller communicated with the charity worker to assess her condition. The worker explained her injuries and inability to move, so the controller promptly contacted an ambulance to ensure the worker received the necessary medical attention.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the controller contacted the worker's manager via the user’s escalation plan to inform them of the incident and the worker's condition. The manager was able to reach the injured worker, providing on-the-spot support and reassurance, while updating the controller on their condition.

Throughout the call, the ARC controller offered the injured worker and her manager ongoing support. Once the ambulance arrived and the charity worker was in the care of medical professionals, the alarm was closed.

Sudden Heart Attack

A delivery driver was sitting in his van when he began feeling very dizzy and started to experience shortness of breath. The user was unable to reach his phone, so he activated his alarm and informed the Alarm Controller of how he was feeling. The Controller then contacted the emergency services for the user and passed over the information, including details of the driver’s location and medical information from his Peoplesafe Portal profile.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive the user started to feel even more unwell. The ARC Controller stayed on the line to keep the user alert and reassured; meanwhile, another team member contacted the user’s manager to inform them of the situation. The Controller remained on the line with the user until paramedics arrived and provided medical assistance. The user was experiencing a heart attack and without being able to call for help easily, would not have survived. 

Elderly Fall Down Stairs

An elderly user was walking down the top of his stairs at home when he fell and was unable to get up. The user was home alone and required emergency assistance, so he raised an SOS alarm to the Peoplesafe ARC.

The Alarm Controller was able to see the user’s pre-uploaded medical information upon receiving the alarm, so was aware that they were elderly and hard of hearing. The user was able to explain that they had fallen and needed help, so the Controller contacted the emergency services, passing over extra details such as the user’s GPS location and relevant medical information.

Once the ambulance was on its way, the Controller contacted the user’s escalation contacts and informed them of the situation and that an ambulance was on its way. The Controller remained on the line with the user until the ambulance arrived and updated their escalation contact at every step of the way. The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and the alarm was closed.

Asthma Attack

A warehouse operative raised an alarm as they had recently had an asthma attack and were still feeling very unwell. The Alarm Controller was able to see the user’s medical information on their Peoplesafe Portal profile and advised that they sit down with their inhaler. The controller then asked the user questions to assess the situation and determine if emergency help was required.

The user confirmed that they did not require an ambulance, so the Controller followed their escalation procedure and contacted a manager, who was able to attend the user’s location to provide in-person support. Once the manager had arrived the user confirmed they were happy for the alarm to be closed. Before ending the call, the Controller reminded the user to reactivate their device if their condition worsened. 

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