User Stories: Drugs

Carpark Drug Deal

A shop manager had been watching a drug deal unfold in the carpark when the situation escalated and the two members of the public began shouting at each other. At this point, the manager went over to the perpetrators to try and handle the incident, but they then turned on him and became physically violent. The shop manager then discreetly activated an SOS alarm to Peoplesafe, to get emergency backup from the ARC.

The Controller discreetly monitored the call for 10 seconds and determined that urgent assistance was needed, so contacted the police via the URN, bypassing 999. Once the police were on their way, the Controller contacted the shop front desk using the user’s escalation instructions and informed them of the situation and that police would arrive shortly. The Controller remained on the line with the user, monitoring the situation until the police arrived 5 minutes later.

Bailiff Discovers Cannabis Farm

A bailiff had a warrant to enter a customer’s home without their permission, so raised a precautionary alarm with the Peoplesafe ARC. The user asked the Alarm Controller to listen while they entered the property to provide emergency backup if it was needed. The user entered the property and stayed on the line to the Alarm Controller discreetly while walking around. After several minutes, the user advised that he had found a cannabis farm in the property and the police were required on the scene. The Controller contacted the police on behalf of the user and stayed online until the police arrived. In the background the controller also contacted the user’s line manager, following their predefined escalation procedure. They were informed of the situation and were on standby to assist. 

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