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Safety notification

Peoplesafe Alert is a secure, cost effective, encrypted mass notification service providing fast communication during critical incidents and emergencies.

The number one problem in any emergency is communication. Speed of response is essential and businesses need to know who has received and read the message. Using Peoplesafe Alert reduces the overhead of managing large user populations.

Peoplesafe Alert app with notifications

What is Peoplesafe Alert?

Peoplesafe Alert is a simple, intuitive communications tool designed for one purpose: crisis management. It enables you to send and track mass notifications to thousands of people simultaneously, which means that in any crisis, you keep complete control over who receives what information and when.

Messages are sent from a dedicated management portal directly to the app, as an email or via a voice call. The Peoplesafe Alert service provides an effective alternative to SMS, Whatsapp, email and social media to keep in touch with staff in the event of an emergency as well as providing an auditable service with proof of delivery and compliance to BS 22301, which is a business continuity standard.

In addition, the app can be integrated with other technologies such as fire alarms, building management systems and SEIM software to trigger an alert being sent.

How it works

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Emergency event identified

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Major event action plan initiated

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Business defines impacted employees

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Emergency communications sent

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Delivery and responses recorded and reportable

Peoplesafe Alert app

Key benefits

Businesses need a continuity plan in order to be compliant with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Having Peoplesafe Alert in place aids compliance for the HSE and BS 22301. Peoplesafe Alert is:

  • Safe and secure – encrypted service delivered from ISO 27001 certified Microsoft data centres in the UK
  • Fast – 2,000 messages sent per second
  • Targeted – messages can be sent to specific groups or geofenced locations with global reach
  • Dedicated – specific service for critical situations that can override silent settings and send repeat notifications until responded to
  • Auditable – reports available in real time and for historic use
  • Simple to deploy – integration with Active Directory reduces management overheads

Most importantly, Peoplesafe Alert is easy to use because you don’t want complexity in a crisis. It’s delivered proven results for everyone who has used it.

Peoplesafe Alert portal

How Peoplesafe Alert is used

Our safety notification service has a range of different use cases to ensure control over communication during any critical incident, including:

  • To warn and inform staff of critical situations and cyber attacks
  • To help protect the welfare and security of staff
  • To lockdown and evacuate sites during emergencies
  • To notify staff of critical situations while working remotely
  • To help mobilise key responders

Trustworthy communication is imperative in an emergency, making social media, email and instant messaging services an unreliable option. In these situations businesses need an isolated and independent system to communicate with staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I text or email employees?

Email, SMS and social media are used for too many purposes and are not designed for use in an emergency. For example, it’s not possible to report on how many people have opened and responded to messages sent via email, SMS and social media in real time. Similarly, messages on these platforms can be forwarded and edited. As a result, staff could be working from outdated or incorrect information.

In the event of a cyber attack, standard methods of business communication (i.e. email) would be prevented. Peoplesafe Alert is a secure and ‘air-gapped’ service which will not be compromised during a cyber attack.

Does Peoplesafe Alert work internationally?

Yes, messages can be sent from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. The app is available to download in all countries.

Is Peoplesafe Alert secure?

Yes, our data hosting is certified to hold and transact UK Government communications to the OFFICAL level of security classification.

Which devices does Peoplesafe Alert work on?

iPhone, Android and Windows 10

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