Things to Consider Before Committing to a Lone Worker App


A lone worker app can turn a smartphone or tablet into an effective personal safety device.

Most apps will be available across all of the major operating systems. They will process Red Alert calls, check in and out of meetings, utilises GPS, and sometimes provide Man Down assistance.

Before deciding which lone worker solution is best for your employees, here are a few things to consider before selecting a lone worker app.

Lone Worker Type

What type of lone workers do you have? Are they public facing or in high-risk situations? If so, a lone worker app might not be the best solution. Apps are better suited to low-risk job types or occasional lone workers. An app is relatively discreet as raising a Red Alert could be disguised as checking your phone for the time. The downfall is around accessibility. A phone is kept in the pocket or bag making it awkward to reach in an emergency. This is why we recommend high-risk lone workers would be better paired up with a MicroGuard or Twig device.

Network Coverage

The second consideration is the areas your lone workers will be in. A lone worker app is ideal for an employee based in the same spot with a strong mobile signal. For example, a factory worker but won’t be a great solution for someone who works in remote locations. This doesn’t mean mobile lone workers won’t be able to use app’s, but a little more planning is needed. If you have staff who visit the same locations, a useful exercise would be to scope the areas out for any ‘black spots’ before you sign up to anything.

Clear Benefits

Now we have taken a look at some areas to consider before committing to a lone worker app, here are some of the reasons apps are a very popular solution;

Easy to implement – your employees download the app from the app store, login and configure their settings. The lone worker app is now ready to use.

Utilises existing technology – most lone workers are likely to already have a mobile phone and in some cases tablets, meaning no new hardware purchases for your business.

Lower cost – if price matters in your decision then lone worker apps offer a cost effective solution.

Buy in – employees might be more accepting of a lone worker app as it doesn’t involve carrying a separate device and is straightforward to use.

If you would like to read about some of the other lone worker safety solutions in one comprehensive guide, you might find our guide to lone worker technology useful.