Growing Threat To Fleet Drivers

Vanjackings, assaults and roadside incidents are just some of the serious risks facing fleet drivers, while accidents – such as slips, trips and falls – and other medical emergencies during the working day remain a constant threat to their wellbeing.

There are many thousands of van fleet drivers, operating alone in isolated or dangerous locations, who face considerable dangers every day. These risks are further heightened when working remotely or unsupervised:

  • ROAD INCIDENTS – In 2019, Department for Transport statistics show there were 12,579 road accidents involving vans in the UK, with 2,513 fatal or serious incidents.
  • DRIVING RISK – The European Transport Safety Council estimate that business drivers account for 40% of road deaths across Europe
  • ROADSIDE COLLISIONS – A growing number of roadside incidents in the UK. Department of Transport (DfT) figures claim there are 24 collisions involving parked vehicles every week on motorways or main roads, with a fifth resulting in death or serious injury.
  • INJURIES AT WORK – According to the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSEs) health and safety at work statistics there were 111 workers killed at work and 693,000 working people sustained an injury in 2019/20.

In the last few months alone there have been incidents reported in the local media that highlight the ongoing threat to fleet van drivers. These include:

Attempted knife attack on van driver in Northampton after two men try to get into van at traffic lights.

A van driver was dragged from the wheel and left for dead before the vehicle was used in a ram raid in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Four masked men tried to steal a van from the driver in Swarkestone, Derbyshire.

A man was assaulted, pushed to ground and his van stolen in Shotts in North Lanarkshire. Scotland.

Employers within a wide range of industries – such as service management, breakdown and recovery, highway maintenance, construction, utilities and logistics – have a legal and moral duty of care to protect their fleet drivers and minimise the risks they face. These essential workers should be able to operate, safe in the knowledge that they can request immediate assistance should they need it, wherever they are.

Peoplesafe is the market-leading lone worker service, trusted by over 2,500 organisations in the UK to protect their at-risk employees. Our solution provides drivers with peace of mind that support is on hand if they are attacked, threatened or injured. On average, raised alerts are answered by a controller at our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre in under six seconds.

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