MySOS ID Badge

A discreet, slim, monitored SOS alarm that hides in plain sight while protecting lone and hybrid workers 24/7 at the touch of a button.

SOS Alarm

Activating the SOS Alarm will immediately open a two-way audio channel with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – protection when you need it.

Customisable Call Buttons

Customise the 3 call buttons to feature log activity, voice memo or test line functions to best suit your working needs.

Battery Powered

Up to 2 working days of usage from a single charge.

LED Indicators

Use the 3 LED indicators to check battery life and whether mobile and location signals are available.
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  • Certified to BS 8484
  • Two-way audio communications
  • Fall Detection capability
  • Roaming SIM enabled
  • Log Activity
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • GPS locating
  • Dedicated SOS Alarm
  • Can be carried around user’s neck or waist
  • Suitable for lone workers

Discreet and easy to use

The MySOS ID Badge doubles as a GPS personal safety device and identity card holder. Designed in the UK, it is the smallest of its kind available and can be worn in both landscape and portrait orientation on a lanyard or attached to a belt using the clip provided.

The device is easy to use, linking directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre at the touch of a button. The optional Fall Detection variant features a sensor which automatically raises an alarm if the user slips, trips or falls.

Incorporating the very latest GPRS and GSM communication technologies the MySOS ID Badge device allows the Alarm Controllers in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to accurately pinpoint the user’s location in an emergency.

Accredited to BS 8484:2016

See how the MySOS ID Badge complies with BS 8484:2016 (the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based lone worker services).

  • Audio SOS Alarm capability — Yes, two-way voice
  • SOS Alarm call will keep trying if unsuccessful — Yes, up to ten times
  • SOS Alarm call is confirmed as answered — Device will vibrate
  • Operator can dial in to the device — Authorised number only
  • Voice Memo capability — Yes
  • Location of device is available — Yes, via GPS
  • Sufficient battery life and low battery warning — Yes, flashing low battery warning on device
  • Signal strength indication — Yes
“I would recommend Peoplesafe to anyone whether in an organisation or independent, as I feel it has become an essential tool to enable me to do my job with confidence.”
Patricia Smith, Sheltered Housing
“Peoplesafe helps to protect our nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists and support workers, some of which have had to activate their alarms in real life emergency situations when carrying out home visits.”
Catherine Kwamya. Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
“An incident in the late hours at our initial accommodation premises saw one of the service users become verbally abusive and there was a risk he would become physically violent. The staff member activated his Peoplesafe unit and the police were on site within 5 minutes, which is very rare. They were able to take the service user away and the staff member resumed to normal duties.”
Nichola Chalmers, Ready Homes
“The units are very discreet and work perfectly in the environment in which we deliver our service”
Edward Tidbury, Royal British Legion Industries

User Stories

Asthma Attack

Having recently had an asthma attack, a user raised their alarm still feeling very unwell. An escalation contact was called to make them aware of the situation. The Controller ensured the user was not alone by the time the alarm was closed down.

Attempted Suicide

A hotel worker raised an alarm believing that a guest was attempting to take their own life. The Controller gained the relevant information to be able to call the ambulance and remained on the line while the user gained access to the room. It turns out the guest had attempted to take their life and the user accessed the room in the nick of time.

Bridge Jump

A user activated their alarm as he could see a girl attempting to jump off a bridge. The Controller called the police who were already aware of the incident taking place and were already on the way.

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