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Award-winning body worn video systems

Reveal Media has been manufacturing world-leading body worn video systems to over 40 countries throughout the world for over a decade. Reveal’s market-leading systems are used by almost 80% of the UK’s police force as well as in prisons, local government and private security.

Peoplesafe and Reveal Media working together

Peoplesafe has partnered with Reveal Media to offer integrated body worn video technology to enhance the safety of frontline and public-facing lone workers. They not only add visual information to any incident, but also help deter potential threat.

Reveal Media’s D-series is the most advanced body camera in the world for video quality, battery life and ease of use.

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How it works

Paired with the Peoplesafe tech, the camera is triggered to start recording when the user raises an SOS Alarm on the Peoplesafe Pro app.

Controllers in the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitor the situation and listen to the audio being transmitted by the Peoplesafe Pro app, allowing them to notify escalation contacts and summon the emergency services if necessary.

Benefits of a joint solution

Customers of Peoplesafe and Reveal Media will benefit from:

  • Automated video recording – pushing the SOS Alarm button on the Peoplesafe Pro app will trigger the body camera to start recording
  • Extra evidence – visual footage of an incident will be captured to support audio recordings made by the Peoplesafe Pro app
  • Limited infrastructure required – all you need is the Peoplesafe Pro app, the D5 camera and a password to access the secure server
  • Video files can be used as training aids for staff covering a range of difficult situations or as evidence in court

Experience the solution for yourself

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