Lone Worker App

Our lone worker app is packed with high-tech features and can quickly turn a smartphone or tablet into an effective personal safety device.

Available across all major operating systems, the app can process Red Alert calls, check in and out of meetings, utilises GPS, and provides Man Down assistance (Android only).


Lone worker app


Red Alert

Red Alert

A designated button will immediately open an audio channel to the ARC.

Amber Alert

Amber Alert

Users connect to the system to describe location, activity and time of completion.

Locate Now

Locate Now

The device can be located by an authorised colleague or via the ARC.

Man Down Alarm

Man Down

A Man Down alarm can be created through immobilisation (Android only).

Lone worker monitoring software

Monitoring Software

Our lone worker app is fully compatible with our monitoring software, Vision. This intuitive, online portal will help you monitor and review how employees interact with their apps.

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Lone worker app features
  • BS8484 compliant (Android only)
  • Man Down idle detection (Android only)
  • Two-way audio communications
  • Multiple ways to engage an alert
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fast GPS locating
  • Activity timer
Risk factors to consider
Various risk factors influence how suitable our app will be in assisting your lone workers:

  • Verbal abuse/threats — suitable
  • Physical abuse/threats — suitable
  • Man Down: user activated — suitable (Android only)
  • Man Down: device activated — suitable (Android only)
  • Safe and well check — suitable
  • Performance without mobile network — NOT suitable
BS8484 compliance
See how our app complies with BS8484:2011 (the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based lone worker services).

  • Audio Red Alert capability — Yes, two-way voice
  • Red Alert call will keep trying if unsuccessful — App can automatically redial
  • Red Alert call is confirmed as answered — Display shows when a connection is made
  • Check-in: Amber Alert capability — Yes, timer is at the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Location of device is available — GPS in all modes
  • Sufficient battery life and low battery warning — Tablet/phone-based low battery warning
  • Signal strength indication — Yes
  • Minimise causes of false alarms — Device and service issue