Keeping Carers Healthy & Safe

In caring for others, carers can be exposed to a number of health and safety risks themselves – but there are a number of measures that can be implemented to ensure carers stay safe and healthy while they’re working.

Common causes of illness and injury for carers

  • Manual handling – Many carers carry out a number of moving and handling tasks, from helping people to move around safely to carrying heavy equipment
  • Slips and trips – Slippery or wet floors, obstructions (like medical equipment) and trailing wires are just some of the hazards that make slips and trips so common among carers
  • Violence and aggression – Patients, their relatives and friends can sometimes display aggressive behaviour, putting carers at risk of violence
  • Equipment usage – Carers often have to use equipment such as hoists and electric profiling beds that, if installed or used incorrectly, can lead to injuries

How can we protect carers from these risks?

  • Training – Carers should receive regular training in how to mitigate the risks involved in their work, from safe manual handling practices to how to handle aggressive patients
  • Equipment maintenance – Any equipment carers are required to use should be properly maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it works as it should
  • Risk assessment – With proper training, carers should be able to effectively assess any environment they’re working in for risks, such as wet floors or faulty equipment
  • Personal alarms – Many carers work alone, which means that if they have an accident or are faced with a violent patient, they may find it difficult to get help. Carrying a personal alarm can help them to access help remotely whenever they need it

Peoplesafe is a specialist provider of lone worker protection services, including a range of personal alarms that carers can use to alert our controllers if they have an accident or face violence while at work.

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