Customer Support

Putting the customer first

Our highly-skilled customer support department is a core element of the Peoplesafe subscription – there to provide an unmatched aftercare service and ensure you are supported at all times.

This starts with the initial onboarding and training process and continues with quick and efficient support throughout the lifetime of your Peoplesafe contract. Our consultative approach to our customers means that support will be delivered in collaboration with your organisation.

We strive to add value and insight to your business through our range of customer support teams who will conduct regular account reviews and perform other additional functions.

Customer Support Centre

Supporting our customers

Our customer support teams are based in our Epsom headquarters ready to respond to incoming calls, emails, and online chats, providing daily technical support for service and system related queries.

They are available 8am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday via phone (0800 990 3562), email (, SMS, and web chat for admins, managers and end users. We have strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place to ensure we provide the most efficient support possible.

Within the business, these teams are the experts on our products, systems and services. If you have any issues with your device, the portal or any of our systems, we will work with you to resolve them.

In addition, as experts who work with the system every day, the customer support teams are here to offer portal admin support to get you off on the right foot.

Technical support

To ensure our systems work effectively, our customer support teams are trained to troubleshoot and resolve a range of technical issues, including:

  • API integration and functionality
  • System security and resilience
  • Compatibility issues
  • System improvements
  • Device faults
  • System interruptions

Training – onboarding and implementation

Understanding how to use our service and solutions is vitally important to being able to get the most out of it. We have an experienced in-house training team that will manage the onboarding and implementation process from beginning to completion.

We will work directly with your users to ensure they know how to use all aspects of their device, and understand the importance of using this service to protect their personal safety. Training can either be conducted onsite or virtually where the session can be recorded and referred back to at a later date.


Continuous support

Once the initial training sessions have been completed, users will continue to be supported with online training and eLearning, a dedicated support section on the portal and access to live webinars and subsequent recordings. Refresher training sessions are also available if you feel they would be beneficial.

Alternatively, we can run a ‘Train the Trainer’ session for internal trainers or managers to become lone worker safety champions of the Peoplesafe service. Empowered with expert knowledge of the service, they can cascade this through your organisation to your lone working end users.


Training for system admins and managers includes being taught how to set-up and navigate the Peoplesafe Portal as well as being shown the suite of reports available to analyse your account.

As standard, you will receive monthly reports on service usage including a breakdown of users engaging with their device and any incidents raised in the ARC broken down into categories (e.g. false alarm, expired timer or SOS alert).

If you would like to see any specific or additional information, the customer support team can set up new reports on the portal and have them delivered to your inbox at desired intervals.

Using these reports, we will schedule regular meetings to discuss account activity, training requirements and any other business.

Contact Customer Support

You can speak to a member of the Customer Support team by calling 0800 990 3562 or sending an email to
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