Tips to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Stress is something that happens to all of us when we feel under pressure. A small amount of stress is nothing to worry about, however when stress starts to impact our health, then it becomes a cause for concern.

The workplace can often feel like a pressurised environment where expectations are high and so are the workloads. Is it a surprise then that between 2016 – 2017 HSE reported that 526,000 UK workers reported suffering from work-related stress, anxiety or depression?

It is estimated that the effects of stress cost UK employers between £33 billion and £42 billion each year. Stress not only impacts our mental health but our physical health too. It can cause physical changes in our bodies which can have an impact on our immune system, therefore making it harder for us to fight off viruses. This results in days taken off sick, which has a cost to employers and the UK economy.

By law, employers must carry out a risk assessment which should include looking in to stress and identifying possible causes. Once the potential for stress in the workplace has been recognised, appropriate measures and guidelines can be put in place to mitigate the risk.

HSE reports that there are 6 main areas that can lead to employees experiencing work-related stress:

  • Demands – not able to cope with the demands of the workplace
  • Control – not feeling they have control over how they complete work
  • Support – feeling that they do not receive enough information and support
  • Relationships – feeling they do not have good relationships with other colleagues
  • Role – not fully understanding their role or responsibilities within the business
  • Change – not being informed of changes within the company and so they feel disengaged

With the above in mind, we have created an infographic to highlight simple ways that workplace stress can be reduced:


workplace stress


If you are experiencing stress at work, it is important that you talk to a supervisor or a manger. If you do not communicate how you feel, then your employers may not realise that changes need to be made.

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