Integrating with ruggedised phones

Cat phones are rugged smartphones that are designed and developed to stand up to the world’s toughest environments. A globally recognised name in construction and mining machinery and engines,  Cat phones are currently distributed to over 70 countries.

Lone workers using car phone

Cat phone with Peoplesafe app homescreen

Peoplesafe and Cat phones working together

Peoplesafe has teamed up with Cat phones to offer the ultimate rugged and durable solution to lone workers in harsh and unforgiving environments.

The latest smartphone range boasts industry leading rugged credentials, and multiple handsets designed to survive even in the toughest work situations (including the world’s most advanced thermal imaging camera in any smartphone).

Working in remote and dangerous environments, lone workers need a reliable means of communication in an emergency. Integrating the Peoplesafe smartphone app with Cat phones combines military specification hardware with the UK’s leading lone worker service.

Cat phone with Peoplesafe tile selector

Benefits of using the Peoplesafe app on a Cat phone

Cat phones are perfect for construction sites, farms and other extreme outdoor environments. The Peoplesafe app provides added protection for the worker in these conditions in the event of an emergency.

  • Built to Military Defence Specification
  • 24/7 emergency support from the Peoplesafe ARC (alarm receiving centre)
  • Enhanced location information to 3m² using What3Words integration
  • Fall detection capabilities to automatically raise an alarm after a slip, trip or fall

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If you would like more information about how Peoplesafe and Cat Phones are working together, please get in touch.

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