Fully accredited to the latest and highest industry standards

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is certified against BS EN 50518:2019 Category 1 and BS 8484:2016 and operated by highly-trained, experienced staff who are experts at handling lone worker alarms.

BS 8484:2016 certification enables the highest level of police response with a Unique Reference Number (URN). We hold a full list of URNs for all UK police forces, giving us direct access to police control rooms without the need for a 999 call, guaranteeing the fastest possible response.

Statistics from our ARC


Alarm Activations

Handled every year



On average, alarms are answered in less than six seconds


Real Incidents

Successfully resolved in 2019

The Peoplesafe ARC

The Alarm Receiving Centre is the hub of where we receive and deal with personal safety alarm activations whether they are false alarms, planned activations or genuine incidents.

Watch our video to gain an insight into how the ARC works including:

  • Building specifications
  • Accreditations
  • Use of Unique Reference Numbers (URNs)
  • The process for handling an alarm


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The ARC is at the heart of the personal safety service we provide. It is dedicated to protecting employees at risk so we can ensure consistent quality of service. Our staff and management teams are not diluted by other service offerings, such as CCTV monitoring or intruder alarms. 

Our highly-trained and experienced Incident Managers respond to lone worker alarms and manage life-threatening emergencies on a daily basis. They are supported and supervised by some of the most experienced ARC managers in the industry.

On average, we answer alarms in 5.8 seconds and we consistently overachieve against the BS 8484:2016 standards set for ARC response times.

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Wholly-owned and managed

We have complete ownership of our end-to-end service offering. We also own all the systems that drive the ARC, ensuring optimum security and quality control.

Situated at our Epsom headquarters, the ARC is within a steel-reinforced and airlocked complex. Should the local power supply fail, it has its own power and air supply and a back-up power system.

Through triple redundancy and business contingency, we can continue to provide our service regardless of any external crisis. In the unlikely event that the ARC is compromised, we have two alternative secure locations that can be operational within minutes, ensuring service continuity.



“The immediacy of the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) service is a great benefit. The knowledge that if any of our services need assistance, the 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre will be on hand immediately sets Peoplesafe apart.”

Eileen McGuigan, Corporate Services Manager, MindWise

Data center

Safe & secure data

All of the ARC’s systems sit within a self-contained environment. This includes all data which is backed up to a second, equally secure location.

As an ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited supplier, our data processes are already utilised in line with GDPR and information security best practices. GDPR compliance is supervised by our in-house Data Protection Officer.

All personal data is provided by the customer. This data is only processed and made available to our Incident Managers when the service is used by the client. 

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