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Customer Success Manager

Dedicated person to manage admin and drive usage and adoption

National Response Service

Backup from 1,000+ SIA Approved Contractor Scheme security teams to ensure staff safety

Range of products

A suite of solutions including fobs, ID badges and apps offering flexibility to manage risks

End-to-end solution

Fully GDPR compliant with no use of third parties so data is not shared externally

Trusted by housing associations to protect their staff

for us to listen to your alarm
Response Teams
providing non-emergency backup
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Personal safety solutions for housing association staff

Housing association workers are commonly exposed to risks as part of their job description. They may be required to enter people’s homes; have difficult financial conversations; deal with potentially aggressive or confrontational tenants; work at height and work during unsociable hours.

Read our guide outlining trusted personal safety solutions already used by social housing employers to keep their people safe.

Industry leading training and education

Implementing a personal safety solution to protect vulnerable workers without the proper training and education will likely lead staff to think that they don’t need the device or app you’ve provided to them.

Harnessing 20 years’ experience and client feedback, we have launched a suite of educational materials – including webinars and guides – specifically targeted at three job roles: managers, end-users and administrators.

Our training covers the importance of looking after personal safety, how to prevent alarms, how to assist in responding to alarms and the value of having personal safety technology. Successfully implementing a personal safety solution can reduce the likelihood of a worker having an incident and minimise the severity of any incident that does occur.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Managing a personal safety service looking after a diverse workforce that includes maintenance experts, estate managers and development teams on construction sites can be challenging and time consuming.

To drive usage and adoption across the whole organisation we assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will proactively work with administrators and managers to understand what success looks like for you.

With regular reporting and review meetings, our team can help you get the best return on investment on your personal safety solution.

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“We would never expect anyone to go out on to a construction site without a hard hat. Likewise, we would never send them out lone working without the most efficient personal safety device, and this is what Peoplesafe provides.”
Akash Pandya, Health & Safety Advisor, Catalyst Housing
“I cannot pin-point one thing that we find great about Peoplesafe’s service, everything is impressive, including the price. I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking at a lone worker solution. Having used other known devices in the past, Peoplesafe is by far the best one that we have used.”
Nichola Chalmers, Head of HR at Clearsprings Group, Ready Homes

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