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Verbal Assault Rise
equivalent to one every 14.2 housing association staff members
against housing association front line workers
Don’t Report Assaults
because they believed their employers wouldn’t do anything in response

Personal safety advice for housing association staff

Housing association workers are commonly exposed to risks as part of their job description. They may be required to enter people’s homes; have difficult financial conversations; deal with potentially aggressive or confrontational tenants; work at height and work during unsociable hours.

Read our guide providing personal safety advice to public-facing workers visiting clients.

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As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect the health and safety of all your employees. Within Housing Associations, there is a range of people completing high risk tasks, often alone, including Housing Officers and Building Service Managers. With over 20 years’ industry experience, Peoplesafe is a respected and trusted name within the sector, working with over 100 Housing Associations to protect their lone and high risk workers.

Our personal safety service is accredited to the highest industry standards, including BS 8484 and BS EN 50518 as well as ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001. We work with regulatory bodies and key stakeholders to advise on updating legislation.

Trusted by housing associations to protect their staff

“We would never expect anyone to go out on to a construction site without a hard hat. Likewise, we would never send them out lone working without the most efficient personal safety device, and this is what Peoplesafe provides.”
Akash Pandya, Health & Safety Advisor, Catalyst Housing
“I cannot pin-point one thing that we find great about Peoplesafe’s service, everything is impressive, including the price. I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking at a lone worker solution. Having used other known devices in the past, Peoplesafe is by far the best one that we have used.”
Nichola Chalmers, Head of HR at Clearsprings Group, Ready Homes

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Lone Worker Devices

Dedicated SOS devices discreetly designed to protect lone and at-risk workers

Lone Worker Apps

Simple to use personal safety app with enhanced features for lone workers who need extra protection

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