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SPOT Gen3 Satellite Device

The SPOT Gen3 Satellite Device provides lightweight lone worker protection in remote areas where no mobile signal is available.

The latest in a multi-award winning product range, the SPOT Gen3 offers one-way personal communications, SOS alerting and follow-me tracking — all with the simple push of a button.

It doesn’t rely on the standard mobile phone network and therefore is perfect for the most remote locations. In fact, it’s used  in some of the toughest conditions and environments around the globe. SPOT devices have helped over 5,000 people worldwide call for help in emergency situations.

Features of the SPOT Gen3 include the following;

Help/SPOT Assist

1. Help/SPOT Assist — Users can request help from an allocated contact at their current GPS location.


2. S.O.S — In an emergency, users can send an S.O.S to emergency services with current GPS location.


3. Check-In — Users can send preset check-in message and GPS location to our CSC monitoring software.


4. Track — Users can automatically send and save their location, enabling contacts to track progress.

Durable Device & Battery Life

The Spot Gen3 is rugged and weighs just 114g. The device provides long battery life, enabling up to 1,250 messages to be sent on a single set of lithium batteries.

Motion-Activated Tracking

Motion-activated tracking ensures that GPS updates are only sent when users are on the move — to save battery and avoid duplicate tracking.

Pairing With Mobile

Lone workers can now operate seamlessly between network coverage and no network cover, by combining the Spot Gen3 with our standard mobile system.

If a user sets an amber alert on their mobile and moves into an area with no network coverage, they can cancel or extend their timer using their Spot device.

Risk Factors

Various risk factors influence how suitable the SPOT Gen3 will be in assisting your lone workers:

Verbal abuse/threats — NOT suitable

Physical abuse/threats — NOT suitable

Man Down: user activated — suitable

Man Down: device activated — NOT suitable

Safe and well check — suitable

Performance without mobile network — suitable

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