Lone Working in Utilities

Working in the utilities industry poses a set of unique risks for lone working staff.

Utilities workers at risk

From gas engineers or field sales reps visiting people’s homes, to service engineers maintaining supply in remote locations, working in the utilities sector carries risk.

Each year in the water supply and waste sectors alone, 2% of the workforce sustain a work-related injury. This equates to around 6,000 workers injured per annum.

Aside from the more obvious trips, slips and falls, many employees in this sector may encounter aggressive individuals and hazardous environments, made more threatening when they are working alone or out of normal ‘office’ hours.

New Health and Safety Guidelines that have come into effect mean that employers now have a duty of care to keep their workers safe.

Providing the safest solutions

Even amongst the most skilled professionals, accidents can and do happen, and lone workers in the utilities sector may find themselves isolated when they need help the most.

Peoplesafe offers bespoke solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of employers to help them fulfil their duty of care, whilst ensuring that their staff get the best protection possible.

“Peoplesafe really became an extension of our team. They worked with our team leaders to understand the diverse nature of our business.”
Matt Hill, Yorkshire Water
“All our drivers use the device, plus several office staff who work weekends on their own. Our drivers are spread across Cornwall, Devon and now into the Bristol area and to give them a peace of mind while being away from their depots is very important.”
Shaun Campbell, Health & Safety Manager, Clear-flow
“Peoplesafe was our chosen service as it had a clear and unique understanding of our needs with products and services ready to go.”
Neil Buck, Brighter Green Engineering
“Peoplesafe gives our lone working personnel an additional layer of safety, and assurance that help will be at hand if they get into difficulties.”
Paul McParland, HSEQ Group Manager, Lanes Group
“All in all, it’s complete peace of mind that our Engineers have protection when out working.”
Alan Cowlishaw, Compliance Engineer, TalkTalk

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