Lone Working in the Utilities Sector

Lone working is a key part of the job role of many employees in the utilities sector. We can provide lone worker devices and training to protect them.

Lone working is a key part of the job role for many employees in utilities sector.

A key aspect of working for many utilities professionals is the expectation to work alone. From gas engineers visiting people’s homes to workers maintaining supply in remote locations, there can be a great variety of potential risks.

Although lone working is an accepted aspect of modern working, this does not mean that the risks associated are also acceptable.

With the Peoplesafe service, a variety of risks can be covered giving workers of all types peace of mind when carrying out their lone working tasks.

Related Job Roles

Field Sales. This work involves cold calling customers by knocking on doors. Key risks would involve travelling to locations, entering properties and potential aggression from the public.

Service Engineers. Traditionally, a lone working role. Work involves visiting homes for repairs, services and installations. Key risks would involve entering people’s properties, travelling to locations and potential aggression from the public.

Dependent on the role, there may also be a factor of task related risk such as working from height or in a potentially hazardous environment.

Field Representatives. This work typically involves dealing with customers who have not paid their bills. This leads to obvious risks involving members of the public becoming aggressive alongside the more standard risks of travelling to appointments and entering properties.

Key Risks and How Peoplesafe Can Assist

Requesting Payments. Risk of violence can be managed with all Peoplesafe devices incorporating a Red Alert function allowing the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to bypass initial police response and get emergency support to you.

Working at Night. All Peoplesafe devices allow the provision for users to ‘check in and out’ of their lone working tasks, meaning that a company can verify the safety of their workers during their working tasks.

Travelling to Appointments. The GPS locating capabilities of Peoplesafe devices mean even when travelling between appointments, the Peoplesafe service will protect you.

Across the variety of risks that present themselves to workers in the utilities sector, Peoplesafe has the solution to suit. From on-site maintenance through to door to door sales, we can protect your lone workers.