Three Housing Associations Address Staff Safety Concerns

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Peoplesafe is increasingly becoming the choice of Housing Associations’ looking for the highest quality of service for their most vulnerable front line staff.

In recent weeks, three new Housing Associations clients have selected the Identicom device – the leading, dedicated lone worker device with more than 100,000 users worldwide. It was also the first dedicated lone worker device to achieve Police approval through The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).For an all inclusive price, the lone worker service provided by Peoplesafe includes the device, 24/7 manned monitoring, SIM, face to face user training, monthly reporting and a dedicated Account Manager and customer support team at implementation and throughout the duration of the contract.

Peoplesafe provide the Identicom as part of its core service, widely recognised as the most effective and appropriate device when facing the public. In assessing the market continually for the best device to use Peoplesafe have determined that the quality of components, supply chain reliability and ease of use create a clear difference in service quality. The results are not just seen on paper but a clear distinction in the daily experiences of the lone workers who interact with the service.

The Identicom device also uniquely combines GPS and Man Down technology which allows all staff to be instantly located and also protects staff if they have a slip, trip or fall and are unable to summon for help as the device will automatically issue a Red Alert to the ARC.

Ian Johannessen, Managing Director, Peoplesafe commented “ In 2012, Inside Housing reported a 35% increase in assaults on housing workers. Within the report, they stated that “the most important things landlords can do is to have lone worker policies in place…..” Couple this with housing staff’s increased safety concerns as a result of the Welfare Reform Bill then much more needs to be done to protect frontline staff.”

Since this report and the planned introduction of the Universal Credit System we have seen an ever increasing interest from housing associations looking to update their protection for their lone workers. Most are looking for more robust systems which not only meet the stringent standards laid out in BS8484 but provide staff with confidence in the daily use of their lone worker device.

With Peoplesafe, our clients are safe in the knowledge that their staff are using an NSI Gold Standard lone worker service and can use the Red Alert button when they feel unsafe or threatened knowing that they can instantly get support and if necessary a Police response should they feel threatened.