Our Service Commitments to You

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The Peoplesafe service has been tailored to provide the best possible lone worker protection. Here are our ten service commitments to you…

1. Our team will train with excellence, providing face-to-face or telephone training to all users, with annual refresher training also available.

2. You will be allocated a dedicated Service Account Manager who will provide full support to your service requests.

3. We monitor network coverage for all users. Low signal checks are rigorously investigated to ensure each user has excellent and consistent network coverage.

4. We will proactively monitor usage. A dedicated Service Manager will monitor usage on a weekly basis to ensure full and correct use of the lone worker device.

5. Peoplesafe will deliver comprehensive client management support. Through Peoplesafe Vision, (a free lone worker management tool), our clients can view live locating information.

6. Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of our business.

7. We will ensure that our data is relevant and up to date. We will fully comply with the Data Protection Act to ensure complete and accurate information is available to our controllers in the event of an activation.

8. Our service team will manage and quickly replace faulty devices. Any returned device will be thoroughly tested, repaired or replaced and dispatched on the same day.

9. We provide a BS5979 CAT II and BS8484 Alarm Receiving Centre. All users are monitored 24/7/365 by fully trained staff to ensure safety wherever our users may be.

10. Our business practices are aimed at empowering all users to be fully confident that activation alerts are monitored and correct escalation procedures are followed.