Peoplesafe Continue to Protect Octavia Housing´s Lone Workers

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Octavia Housing is a forward thinking, not for profit organisation with a strong track record in social housing and providing care services.

Octavia provide and manage a portfolio of more than 4000 good quality affordable homes in inner London.

Octavia is an organisation with strong values, founded by Octavia Hill, the Victorian philanthropist and social reformer, whose ideas formed the basis of the profession of housing management.

Since 2011, Octavia Housing has chosen Peoplesafe’s NSI Gold Lone Worker Service to protect more than 30% of its employees. Peoplesafe have provided Octavia with the market leading Identicom device for a range of its employees including Estate Service Officers, Sales Negotiators, Neighbourhood Officers and Building Service Engineers. Octavia decided that as most of these staff are public facing and work in environments where they meet and face the general public on a daily basis, often in various locations that they needed additional support whilst carrying out their duties.

After a period of review, Octavia chose Peoplesafe as its lone worker provider because it was able to provide a solution that was best suited to the associations needs and assist it in meeting its commitments to protect the health and safety of its employees.

The lone worker service provided by Peoplesafe allows the user to leave details of their movements and whereabouts via their Identicom device. The Identicom has been designed for ease of use so that users can quickly and easily enter their details, which can then be accessed by Peoplesafe’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) should there be a subsequent Red Alert. The device also allows a member of staff at the ARC to discreetly listen in should a Red Alert be activated and then make an assessment as to what level of assistance is required including, if necessary, a guaranteed Police response.

The Identicom device also has GPS and Man Down technology which allows staff to be instantly located and also protects them should they have a fall and are unable to summon for help.

Mary Lambert, Health and Safety Officer at Octavia Housing commented, “We chose the Peoplesafe Lone Worker Service because of the greater functionality it provided and coupled with a roaming SIM card made it even safer for our lone workers and much more accurate. Peoplesafe have trained all our staff on how to use the devices correctly and our dedicated Account Manager at Peoplesafe proactively monitors the usage levels amongst my team.”

Ian Johannessen, Managing Director at Peoplesafe added, “Peoplesafe is the only Lone Worker provider in the UK to be accredited to NSI Gold standard. Being awarded this standard means that Peoplesafe work to the highest industry standards, ensuring that Octavia and all of our other customers can have the peace of mind that they are being provided with the highest quality lone worker service in the UK.”

“We are proud to be associated with Octavia Housing and are pleased to be supporting them in the protection of their employees. It is becoming apparent that the social housing sector sees the use of a credible lone worker safety system as ‘best practice’ when ensuring the safety of its staff”.

About Octavia Housing

Octavia was founded upon the principles that reliable housing and mixed communities matter. We provide and manage a portfolio of 4,000 good quality affordable homes in inner London, the most expensive part of the country. Through this we enable people to live in areas from which they would otherwise be excluded and thereby help keep London a mixed community. Through our work over the last 145 years, we know the importance of well managed, good quality affordable accommodation. It lies at the heart of what our founder called “healthy happy households”.