Peoplesafe Complete Full Integration of Romad

Peoplesafe Archive

In early 2014 Peoplesafe acquired the lone worker assets of Geonovo Ltd, and begun integration of the Romad device into the Peoplesafe service.

During the past months our client service and technical support teams have worked to integrate the Romad device and it’s service elements into the full Peoplesafe offering.

Those clients in contract with Geonovo have been fully supported in any way required.

Peoplesafe is a benchmark for service quality in the lone worker industry. Our client service team offers a range of capabilities to ensure lone workers are fully supported by the service they come to rely on each day. The device portfolio includes a range of devices allowing the most effective solution to be provided in any given situation.

Peoplesafe is available to assist any organisations that have queries about Romads they have in use.

If you are an existing Romad customer or are interested in the device, please call the Peoplesafe team on 0800 990 3563.