Lone Working in Housing Associations

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Peoplesafe have the expertise and experience to protect lone workers in the housing sector.

Within housing associations, lone working is an important part of the everyday tasks of many staff. With lone working so vital to the everyday running of the industry, knowledge of best practices and tips for working safely can be very important for improving the safety of all workers.

The facts

  • Over 150 Lone Workers are attacked every day
  • 10 physical assaults are reported by front line housing workers every week
  • 18% of incidents involving housing staff are physical assaults
  • 36% of assaults on housing workers are not reported

(Statistics from Inside Housing Magazine)

Due to the nature of many of the tasks undertaken by housing association staff, the acceptance of potential danger has to be considered on a daily basis. This acceptance of the potential for danger, however does not make it acceptable for housing association workers to be exposed any more than is necessary.

With Peoplesafe, you can be safe in the knowledge that these risks are being managed by an efficient and industry leading service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Public Facing Roles (ASBO Officers, Arrears Collection, Tenant Liaison Officers)

  • Risks associated with travelling between appointments such as road accidents and slips, trips and falls
  • Risks associated with facing the public, for example, aggression and substance abuse

How Peoplesafe can help to manage these risks:

  • The Identicom is an excellent device for public facing lone workers.
  • The name badge design allows for discrete alarm activation in a Red Alert situation requiring emergency support

Mobile Working Roles (Caretakers, Maintenance Workers)

  • Risks associated with travelling between tasks, such as road accidents and slips, trips and falls
    Risks associated with task, for example, working at height and adverse weather

How Peoplesafe can help to manage these risks:

  • The Sonim XP3340 is a ruggedised mobile phone that provides protection for lone workers in even the most extreme of conditions
  • Man Down alerts mean that if you are to fall and become unresponsive, the Sonim XP3340 will call through to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with location details to give you assistance.

The flexibility and versatility of the Peoplesafe service fits the dynamic needs of the housing industry. No matter the lone working task in hand, Peoplesafe has a solution to suit.