Lone Working in the House Building Industry

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The House Building sector employs a variety of staff required to undertake lone working tasks.

Within the House Building industry, there will be regular occasions across a variety of roles where lone working tasks may be required.

With lone working an everyday factor in the industry, ensuring that lone workers are effectively protected and given the key skills to be safe could make all the difference in the unfortunate case of an incident occurring.

The Facts

  • 46% of people in full-time employment count themselves as lone workers
  • 49% of people have experienced discomfort from the behaviour of someone they have encountered whilst working alone.
  • Over 150 lone workers are attacked everyday

(Statistics from EE and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust)

With any lone working task comes acceptance of a degree of risk, however, this acceptance does not make it acceptable for workers within house builders to be exposed to any more risks than is necessary.

By choosing Peoplesafe, you can be sure that your staff are protected with a device that suits their lone working needs and a service they can trust 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Public Facing Roles (Sales Team, Maintenance, Show Home)

  • Risks associated with travelling between appointments such as road accidents and slips, trips and falls
  • Risks associated with facing the public, for example, aggression and substance abuse

How Peoplesafe can help to manage these risks:

  • The Identicom is an excellent device for public facing workers
  • The name badge design allows for discrete alarm activation in a Red Alert situation requiring emergency support

Workers with Task Related Risks (Building Site Workers, Maintenance)

  • These are workers with safety issues particularly related to tasks they may undertake
  • Examples of the risk types these workers may face include adverse weather, working at height, working in hazardous environments

How Peoplesafe can help to manage these risks:

  • The ruggedised Sonim XP3340 could provide an excellent solution for many workers in this category
  • Alternatively, the Twig Protector could be used as a customisable and lightweight lone worker device

Both devices can be ordered in ATEX versions for those who work in an environment where a spark from a device could be dangerous.