Adactus Housing Association Choose Peoplesafe

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Adactus Housing Association has chosen Peoplesafe´s NSI Gold, BS 8484 lone worker service and the Identicom device to protect more than 100 of its lone working staff.

The social landlord plans to use Peoplesafe´s service to protect a range of employees.

These employees work out in the community and may have little knowledge on the people they are meeting and can often be placed in challenging situations where they can face verbal or physical abuse on a daily basis. Out-of-hours repair staff face the same risks, but also run the risk of having an accident whilst working at height.

The lone worker service provided by Peoplesafe allows the user to leave a recorded message, called an Amber Alert, outlining with who and where they are meeting and what their expected completion time is with an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Should the lone worker not cancel with Amber Alert or if the time overruns, then a Red Alert will be raised, allowing a member of staff at the ARC to discreetly listen in via the Identicom to what is happening and then make an assessment as to what level of assistance is required by the user.

The Red Alert button can also be used at any time should the lone worker feel threatened in any way. Again, this will be dealt with by the ARC and if necessary a guaranteed Police response can be called upon.

The Identicom device also has GPS and Man Down technology which allows all staff to be instantly located and also protects staff if they have a slip, trip or fall and are unable to summon for help as the device will automatically issue a Red Alert to the ARC.

Darren Smith, Group Health and Safety Manager at Adactus HA, chose Peoplesafe to protect their lone workers because they felt Peoplesafe offered a valuable service at a competitive price. “ Adactus chose the Peoplesafe Lone Worker Service and the Identicom devices as we felt it was one of the best lone worker solutions in the market-place.” Commented Darren Smith.

“The Peoplesafe Service, coupled with the Identicom device enables Adactus to offer their Public Facing Lone Workers real peace of mind when working alone. Their staff know that if required they can quickly get support and if required a guaranteed police response, providing a vital lifeline,” commented Ian Johannessen, Managing Director at Peoplesafe.