Video: Keep Lone Workers Safe on Dark Nights

Dark Nights Video

Up to 8 million workers in the UK are thought to spend all or part of their working day alone.

When the days get shorter and dark nights longer it can present additional risks…

The dark nights always seem to come as a surprise and they shouldn’t do. What often happens is you go into a meeting in the daylight and then come out and it’s dark. Or you park the car somewhere that seems safe in the light, but not so when it is dark.

A simple bit of planning can make all the difference — something as simple as parking near streetlights or where it’s busy.

But it’s not just staff that need to plan. Employers need to take responsibility for their employees.

Employers have to remember that out of sight is not out of mind and they have a duty of care to their staff wherever they are. The dark nights are a reminder that organisations need clear and effective systems for managing staff safety throughout the working day.