Electoral Canvassers Can Count on Peoplesafe

Sevenoaks Council

Sevenoaks District Council provides a range of important local services to some 11,000 people across a wide area of West Kent.

Sevenoaks Council employs more than 450 staff organised into three departments: the Chief Executive’s Department, the Corporate Resources Department and the Community Planning Services Department.

All councils throughout the UK are required by law to conduct an annual audit of every property in its area to ascertain who, of voting age, is resident at the property to ensure they are registered to vote.

As Sevenoaks District Council complete the annual audit in their area they were determined to ensure their canvassers were safe whilst visiting properties.

Aware of health and safety regulations regarding lone worker protection they decided to investigate products that would enable lone workers to easily leave note of their whereabouts and enable them to send out a discreet alarm if threatened.

“Working with Peoplesafe allows us to more efficiently ensure the health and safety of our canvassers and that we can locate their whereabouts if needed.”

Ian Bigwood, Electoral Manager

They contacted lone worker safety experts Peoplesafe who assessed the individual requirements of electoral canvassers. Peoplesafe provided a complete package of products and services including comprehensive training programmes and the Identicom lone worker safety devices.

The Identicom device, which can be worn around the neck on a lanyard like a standard ID, enables the wearer to discreetly raise an alarm if threatened and also allows a third party to listen to what is happening and coordinate emergency support if required.

The device can also support the pinpointing of a lone worker’s location using GSM/LBS technology.

Another feature of the device is that it can be used to discreetly alert Peoplesafe lone worker safety experts, who can make digital recordings of incidents of verbal abuse, which can then be used to secure convictions.

Ian Bigwood, Sevenoaks District Council Electoral Manager, said: “Technology can never entirely eradicate risk, but the Peoplesafe lone worker safety devices and lone worker training, can provide peace of mind if used to supplement good lone worker safety practices.”