Peoplesafe is now accredited by the Living Wage Foundation

Living Wage Employer

Peoplesafe are taking the lead in the security industry by becoming accredited by the Living Wage Foundation for providing a fair wage to all staff.

Living Wage EmployerPeoplesafe is a provider of safety systems to organisations – together we work hard to ensure staff on the front line of service have good training and effective systems to stay as safe as can be.

As an SME based in South Yorkshire, you might think that there is little or no pressure to pay all our staff a living wage. Our office is in a place where the unemployment rate is higher than the national average and we work on the fringes of the security industry that for many have become synonymous with paying the minimum wage.

Peoplesafe are delighted to be part of the living wage movement. Our policies have met the accreditation criteria since January 2014 but we have now taken the extra step of becoming accredited to ensure staff are paid a living wage.

This has been done for three reasons:

All employees are valued.
Working at Peoplesafe involves the recognition that we are providing a vital service to clients. Our dedicated team are pro-active and initiative taking, ensuring that our clients are equipped and trained to stay safe in their roles. That attitude should be properly rewarded. Peoplesafe is especially enthused to give staff who are new to work the support and encouragement to build their career and indeed build their lives with confidence.

Our customers recognise its importance.
It was around 6 months ago that one of our 400 clients wrote to ask our position on the Living Wage. As we survey our clients we can see this is a matter that they care about. As we build and maintain thriving partnerships with customers then we trust that this action strengthens that relationship.

As a safety business, our first statement of strategy is about integrity.
This action demonstrates that we turn words into action. All the stakeholders in the business want our service and our employees to know that we are judged by our actions, not our words.

Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley said “I am pleased to hear that local company Peoplesafe have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. There is now a growing consensus for a more ambitious strategy to tackle low pay in the UK, this should include promoting the Living Wage and also encouraging businesses to become Living Wage employers”

Ian Johannessen, Managing Director for Peoplesafe said “this accreditation is a significant step in our desire to be a respected local company employing local people at a fair wage. As a service business, we are only as good as our people, this is just one way for the company to demonstrate its commitment to staff”.