5 Reasons To Use The Peoplesafe Service

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Peoplesafe ArchiveThe Peoplesafe service is making a difference to the safety of lone workers within a large number of organisations around the country.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using the Peoplesafe service to protect yourself and your colleagues.

1. You can Pick the Device That Suits you Best

Our NSI Gold rated service is key to what we do and is offered across our diverse portfolio. You work in a demanding environment? We have the Twig Ex. Work in a public facing role? We have the MicroGuard. Need a lower cost but effective solution? We have the Peoplesafe Smartphone Application. The device exists to match your risk profile and the service protects you to a market leading level.

2. Complacency is not an Excuse

Thinking it won’t happen to you is not an excuse to avoid protecting yourself as a lone worker. Anyone can be vulnerable and Peoplesafe devices are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

3. You get a dedicated Account Manager

Each company that uses the Peoplesafe service is allocated a dedicated Account Manager. This Account Manager becomes your point of contact for any issues or questions you may have. This aspect of the Peoplesafe service means that you will always have a member of the Peoplesafe team familiar with your account and specific requirements when you need one.

4. Location Data When you Need it, but not Tracking!

The GPS capabilities of the Peoplesafe service mean that you can get the help you need when and where you need it. In the event of a Red Alert your device will send a GPS location to our monitoring centre to establish the location of the incident. We do not and never will track you as you work. Our GPS locations will only be used to find you in an emergency and never to track your movements or working habits.

5. It Encourages Safe Working Practice

Using a lone worker service encourages staff to improve their safe working practices. If staff are using their lone working device correctly then they will be considering the risks that they may face throughout their working day. This awareness of risk guards against complacency and can improve the safety of the organisation as a whole.