Train The Trainer

For Managers & Lone Workers // Duration: Bespoke

For large organisations, the cost of providing continuous training can be prohibitive. However, when training stops, people may revert to previous behaviours, new people may be left feeling unguided and the benefits of any safety initiatives can be lost.



Benefits of Training

We can provide a bespoke solution to help you implant your training into the very heart of your business. We can write bite-size packages of information specifically to meet your needs and then train people within your business to deliver the messages long-term.

It doesn’t matter whether your people are experienced trainers or not, so long as they are good communicators and want to get involved, we can give them the skills and provide them with the tools.


During the workshop lone workers will:

Work with you to design and deliver short training packages ready for in-house delivery

Train a select team of your staff and provide them with:

  • Full trainers notes and material for delivery
  • Proven tools and techniques to engage learners
  • Delivery skills to allow them to convey effective messages
  • An opportunity to practice and gain feedback on their delivery

Post course, we can provide on-going support and guidance for those delivering the training



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