Senior Management Briefing

For Managers // Duration: 30 Minutes

We know that to successfully embed any safety initiative it is vital that the senior people demonstrate commitment and lead by both their attitude and actions. We also know that senior people have many demands on their time and resources. However, without clear active safety leadership, any initiative is likely to fail or at the very least not achieve its full potential.



Benefits of Training

This short but highly effective briefing will ensure that your senior team understands both their role and responsibility. By exploring the organisation’s current position and areas of vulnerability we will seek to assure the organisation that there are practical steps it can take to protect their workers and the organisation as a whole; fulfilling their legal and moral obligations and improving business objectives.


During the briefing you will:

  • Understand your legal responsibilities and the relevant legislation
  • Compare current practice to industry standards and best practice
  • Explore the role of BS8484 and BS5979
  • Assess the needs of your workers and identify specific safety issues
  • Examine how personal safety champions can assist culture change
  • Measure the benefits of a lone worker safety system
  • Determine ways to demonstrate active safety leadership


“I’m feeling very motivated to encourage my staff following the session today.”

Debbie Parkinson, Adactus Housing


For further course information and pricing, please send us a quick message or call 0800 990 3563.