Risk Assessing for Lone & Remote Working

For Managers or Lone Workers // Duration: Full-Day

We know that many organisations struggle to produce robust task-based risk assessments that have useful output that will drive change within the business. This can lead to workers being unaware of the potential risks and the organisation falling short of their legal responsibilities.



Benefits of Training

This highly interactive, practical workshop will help you to identify the specific risks your workers face and develop workable solutions.

The workshop will be tailored to your business and the type of risks faced by your lone and remote workers. It will ensure that you are clear on legal requirements and that you have the skills and tools to fulfil your obligation to produce robust risk assessments as part of your risk management process.


During the workshop you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the risks that lone and remote workers face
  • Discover ways to engage your workers in the risk assessment process
  • Be introduced to and be able to practice using proven tools and techniques to produce risk assessments that will drive change and improve safety
  • Have spent time exploring the specific risks to your lone and remote workers
  • Have developed a list of control measures to reduce the risks to your workers


“We have prioritised the roll-out of Peoplesafe technology across the whole group. We treat it much the same as any other item of health and safety equipment, wherever our staff find themselves working alone.”

Alan Humphreys – Group CEO, Grand Union Housing Group


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