Personal Safety Champions Workshop

For Managers or Lone Workers // Duration: Full-Day

Establishing a lone worker safety system within your organisation can be complex. The challenges of embedding new process into existing risk management systems and changing behaviours that result in a transformation in culture requires commitment and support. Organisations may fail to achieve their objective if the changes are not driven from within.



Benefits of Training

This interactive workshop equips you and your personal safety champions with the tools and knowledge to help embed your new lone worker safety system. We will guide you through the strategies that transform new practices into habit and habits into culture.


During the workshop you will:

  • Be provided with the underpinning knowledge of personal safety principals
  • Explore the actions that lone workers should be taking when working alone
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of device usage and management of systems
  • Explore why people don’t follow expected safe behaviours
  • Be provided with tools and techniques to encourage safe behaviours
  • Be made aware of the on-going support available from our experts after the workshop


“I really enjoyed it. One of the best courses I’ve been on.”

Felicity Ford, Mencap


For further course information and pricing, please send us a quick message or call 0800 990 3563.