Lone Worker Device Training

For Managers & Lone Workers // Duration: 2 Hours

Any new way of working can create challenges for workers until they understand both how it works and why it can be benefit to them. It is vital to ensure that employees are competent and confident with your chosen lone worker safety system to gain the best results.



Benefits of Training

This interactive session will equip your lone workers with the knowledge of how to get the best from their lone worker device. The session will be tailored to specific job role/s and your chosen safety system, and lone workers will have the opportunity to practice each function on their device.


During the training lone workers will:

  • Receive their allocated device
  • Gain an understanding of how the device can enhance their safety
  • Understand what to expect from a BS8484 Gold and BS5979 CAT II approach
  • See demonstrations of how the device works
  • Have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by practising each of the device functions
  • Examine relevant real-life examples of device use and the benefits
  • Have the opportunity to raise and get answers to any questions they may have


“It’s great to know that our teams are supported and looked after by the Peoplesafe system.”

Gerry Jarvis — Global Wise Safety Manager, Danone


For further course information and pricing, please send us a quick message or call 0800 990 3563.