Conflict Management Training

For Managers or Lone Workers // Duration: One or Two Days

Conflict occurs in many work situations. If your workers are interacting with clients or the public, providing or denying a service or enforcing rules, the chance of them becoming involved in a situation that could threaten their safety should not be ignored.



Benefits of Training

In this very powerful drama-based workshop, we can help your team to improve their skills and ability when defusing conflict situations. Using our highly skilled actors and facilitators, the workshop offers the opportunity to test out techniques to de-escalate aggression and receive feedback on your actions.

We work with you to devise scenarios that reflect situations that your staff are likely to encounter. We focus on principles and allow individuals to develop their own strategies in a safe environment.


During the workshop lone workers will:

  • Improve their understanding of the causes of conflict and explore ways to avoid aggression
  • Learn how to assess behavioural changes to spot potential conflict
  • Reflect on their own reaction to aggression and consider ways to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Be provided with core principles and proven techniques for managing conflict, maintaining rapport and personal safety
  • Observe and take part in realistic scenarios, where they can gain practice in their de-escalation techniques
  • Gain valuable feedback on their strategies and behaviours



For further course information and pricing, please send us a quick message or call 0800 990 3563.